New Roof Construction

new roof construction

If you are building or remodeling your home and want to install a brand new roof Balcon Roofing LLC is your best choice, we are professionals in the construction of all types of residential or commercial roofs.

The advantages of a new roof are many, implementing skilled labor and the highest quality materials guarantees the durability of the project for decades.

No matter the size of the project, we have the capacity to develop any project of any size, from small spaces to complete residences.

It’s time to hire the experts in new roof construction in Yakima, Balcon Roofing LLC.


1- Warranty

Most new roofs have many years of warranty depending on the quality and manufacturer of the asphalt shingles, by installing a new roof with qualified workmanship you can be sure that you have those warranties for many many years.

2- Safety

With a new roof you don’t have to worry about mold spores that can affect the health of your family, you no longer have to worry about water leaks that can damage the structure of your roof and cause collapse and be a threat to those living on the property.

3- Return on investment

If your house has a new roof this gives more value to the property in case you want to sell it, in a few words a change of roof increases the value of your house enormously and you will be able to sell it better and faster.

4- Better Appearance

By changing your roof completely you can take advantage and change the color to give a new image to your house, you can also improve the moldings, shutters and the entrance door to match your new roof.

5- Efficiency

With a new roof you will prevent the heat from escaping from your house during the winter, taking advantage of the heating and minimizing costs. Also during the summer your new roof will absorb heat and your house will stay cooler without increasing your electric bill for air conditioning.

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