General Questions

  • My roof is leaking, what do I do?
    Avoid standing below the leaking area as it could be dangerous. Immediate action is crucial! It is important you contact a roofing company to avoid further damage from spreading to your roof and home!
  • Are there any obvious signs for a wore down roof?
    A professional is best for spotting any signs that a roof needs some upkeep, but you can always check for missing shingles, water stains on the inside of your home, or any exposed roof components. Regular inspections are highly advised for old roofs.
  • How is the cost of a new roof determined regionally or in Yakima valley?
    The roof size and area can affect the total cost of a new roofing project. The average range for a 20-square foot roof in Yakima Valley can be $7,000 to $10,000, but these prices ultimately depend on the project.
  • I have an asphalt shingle roof, is this recommended for the Yakima Valley climate?
    Architectural shingles are recommended for durability and sustainability within Yakima Valley's climate.
  • How quickly can a roof be replaced?
    Depending on the project, a roof replacement could be finished within 1 day.
  • What is Roof Flashing, and why should my home have it?
    Roof flashing is essential to prevent water penetration, especially around vents and chimneys.
  • How can black stains on shingles be effectively removed without causing damage in Yakima Valley?
    Black stains can be removed with professional roof cleaning services; avoid DIY power washing.
  • Is a metal or shingle roof more suitable for my home?
    Choice depends on budget, preference, and longevity; shingle roofs are common and cost-effective, but a metal roof may be advised by a professional depending on the project.
  • What is a roof pitch, and does my home need it?
    Roof pitch is the structural slant shape for your roof, the slope shape adds aid to the structural integrity of your roof.
  • What should I do if my roof is visibly falling apart?
    If a roof is visually failing, evacuate and seek immediate professional inspection, it is a rare but serious issue.
  • What components constitute a roofing system, and how do they contribute to longevity for my roof?
    A roofing system includes pieces such as underlayment, drip edge, shingles, and flashing. Professional installation provides extra warranty and longevity to your roof.
  • I have homeowners’ insurance that cover’s roof damage caused by weather conditions.
    If you have insurance, it may cover roof damage from wind or hail in Yakima Valley; consult with your provider for specifics.
  • What should I ask a roofing contractor?
    Make sure to ask the contractor if they are insured, licensed, has references, and offers a comprehensive warranty.

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