Steps for emergency roof repair:

1. Evaluate the Danger: Determine the severity of the situation. If your safety is at risk due to potential roof collapse or flooding, evacuate your family and pets. If there are hazards like fallen power lines, contact 911 or your utility company and stay away from them.

2. Avoid DIY Repairs: It’s not advisable to attempt DIY emergency roof repairs. Climbing onto a damaged roof or trying to apply temporary fixes can be dangerous and may even void your insurance coverage.

3. Call Professionals: Reach out to a reputable roofing contractor who offers 24/7 emergency repair services. Be cautious about unqualified roofers who may appear in the aftermath of a storm. Choose a licensed and insured roofer for high-quality repairs.

4. Minimize Interior Damage: While waiting for the roofer, take measures to limit interior damage. Use buckets to collect water, run a dehumidifier if available, and protect your home and belongings from further harm.

5. Contact Your Insurance Company: If you have insurance coverage, get in touch with your insurance provider. Your roofer can assist in documenting the damage and guide you through the claims process.

6. Prepare for Repairs: Once you receive an estimate from the roofer, prepare your home for potential roof replacement. If the damage is extensive, you might need to make alternative living arrangements until the repair work is completed.

What we do in an Emergency

• Assessment of Damage: Upon arrival, our roofing professionals will assess the extent of damage to your roof. They will identify sources of leaks and consider whether minor repairs or a complete roof replacement is necessary. Balcon Roofing can help you evaluate whether you need a roof replacement based on the condition of your roof.

• Temporary Roof Patch: If needed,  we will apply a temporary patch or tarp over the damaged areas of the roof. This serves as a short-term solution to prevent further damage, especially if there’s a chance of precipitation before permanent repairs can be completed.

• Provide a Repair Quote: Our roofing team will discuss the required repairs and provide you with a written quote or estimate for the work. If you plan to make an insurance claim, we will also offer photographs and any essential documentation to support your claim.

• Schedule Repairs: Our Roofers often have a high workload after major storms, which may result in a waiting period of weeks for repair work to begin. We typically prioritize homes with the most severe damage. It’s important to keep your roofer updated if your roof’s condition worsens or if the temporary tarp becomes loose in the interim.

When to Call Balcon Roofing

Not every roof problem qualifies as an emergency, and some issues may not warrant a call to a roofer during non-business hours or holidays.

These include:

• Small leaks or minor gaps in flashing.

• Hail damage.

• A few missing or damaged shingles.

• Limited condensation in the attic.

• Clogs in roof vents.

• Minor leaks around skylights.

• Moss or algae growth.

While these problems may seem less urgent, it’s important to remember that they still require professional attention. Delaying repairs for these issues for an extended period is not advisable, as they can worsen over time. You should schedule professional assistance for these non-emergency roof problems during regular business hours.

Emergency Roof Repair Financing

In situations where you require immediate roof repairs but lack the necessary funds, it’s crucial to be aware of available roof financing solutions. However, you must carefully weigh the urgency of obtaining financing against the terms and associated costs. If you have existing personal lines of credit or alternative financing sources that offer rapid access, it’s advisable to consider utilizing them. Additionally, exploring the possibility of emergency roof repair grants is worthwhile.

Your chosen roofing contractor may facilitate emergency roof repair financing options through a third-party provider. In this scenario, they should be able to provide you with an estimate of the time required to access the funds from the financier.

While assessing financing options during an emergency can be challenging, it remains imperative to thoroughly review the terms of your roofing financing choices to ensure they are in your best interest.

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